In 2002, a National Institutes of Health State-of-the-Science Panel focusing on pain, fatigue, and depression noted that “Additional research is needed on the definition, occurrence, and treatment of pain, depression, and fatigue, alone and in combination, in adequately funded prospective studies.” That report provided the impetus for this prospective, observational study. The ECOG Symptom Management Committee constructed this study, knowing that future trial design would benefit from a better understanding of the range of symptoms experienced by cancer patients, as well as the treatments patients are receiving for their cancer, comorbid conditions, and disease and treatment side effects. It was activated as a pilot study on March 3, 2006, and suspended on April 14, 2006, after 10 patients were registered by Lankenau Hospital of the Main Line Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP). The study was reactivated on December 7, 2006, as a limited institution study involving ECOG CCOPs and disease-specific clinics from ECOG main institutions. Minority accrual was enriched by inviting unaffiliated minority-based CCOPs to participate. Accrual was brisk, and the study was terminated on May 19, 2008, with a final accrual of 3123 patients. In 2010, the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention supported the formation of an ECOG team to facilitate making SOAPP resources available to the cancer research community.

E2Z02 (SOAPP) Protocol

Case Report Forms

Consort Diagram

Watch Dr Fisch's ABC News highlight of Cancer Patients' Pain Remains Undertreated by clicking here

1st SOAPP Article Published
Click here to access first E2Z02 (SOAPP) article published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology: Fisch MJ, Lee JW, Weiss M, et al. Prospective, observational study of pain and analgesic prescribing in medical oncology outpatients with breast, colorectal, lung, or prostate cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2012 Apr 16;[Epub ahead of print].

ASCO 2012
Six SOAPP abstracts were accepted at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2012:

Cancer Type Abstract No. Lead Author
Health Services Research Poster 6076 F. Zhao
Health Services Research Poster 6080 C. Ritchie
Patient and Survivor Care Clin Sci Symp 9016 J. Manola
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9099 X. S. Wang
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9106 T. R. Mendoza
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9112 M. J. Fisch

Please click on the Publications tab to view these abstracts, or click here for more information on the 2012 ASCO meeting and accepted abstracts.

MASCC 2012
Three abstracts were accepted for the MASCC (Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer) meeting in New York City on June 27-29. One abstract is on determinants of driving (Victor Chang), another on concordance related to comorbidity (Elizabeth Kvale), and a third on pain change according to baseline severity (Fengmin Zhao).
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