Patient Outcomes and Survivorship (POS) Committee


Lynne I. Wagner, PhD, Chair
David Cella, PhD, Co-Chair
Ju-Whei Lee, PhD, Statistician
Jean M. MacDonald, MPH, Coord Center Project Coordinator
Pamela B. Cogliano, Protocol Project Coordinator

Heather H. Albertson
Lynn D. Anderson
Andrea M. Barsevick, PhD, RN
Catherine M. Bender, PhD, RN
Charles L. Bennett, MD, PhD
Al B. Benson, III, MD
Ronald H. Blum, MD
Susan Botha
Louise Brady
Tammy L. Brown
Linda Burhansstipanov
Karyn L. Buttke
Terry Capanna
Higinia Cardenes Perera, MD
George W. Carro
Victor T. Chang, MD
Jolene A. Cheslock
Tom Chirikos
Charles Cleeland, PhD
Janet Cogswell
Stuart J. Cohen
Andrew J. Coldman
Arlene Dahm
Beth C. DeGracia
Robert S. DiPaola, MD
Lydia M. Dreosti, MD
Lourdes Duque
Ella Dvorkin
Paul F. Engstrom, MD
Martine Extermann, MD, PhD
Carla I. Falkson, MD
Lori L. Fellenz
John H. Fetting, MD
Michael J. Fisch, MD, MPH
Patrick J. Flynn, MD
John C. Frich, Jr, MD
Kathleen A. Frisby
Richard P. Gallagher
Amira F. Gohara, MD
Steven Gortmaker
Robert J. Gray, MS, PhD
Stuart R. Guenther
Audrey Haas
Lesbia Hernandez
Thomas Hislop
Brenda Hopper
Tammy C. Irving
Alcee J. Jumonville, MD
Basil S. Kasimis, MD
Alan M. Keller, MD

Mary M. Kemeny, MD
Janardan D. Khandekar, MD
Kerry L. Kilbridge, MD
Chidam A. Kumar
Corey J. Langer, MD
Kathleen A. Lear
Mark N. Levine, MD
Michael H. Levy, MD
Mark Linzer
Veronica J. Lordan
Sridhar Mani, MD
Alfred C. Marcus, PhD
Martin H. Max, MD
Worta J. McCaskill-Stevens, MD
Magriet S. Mertz, PhD
Edith P. Mitchell, MD
Barbara A. Murphy, MD
Bridget E. O'Brien Fagan
Linda J. Patrick-Miller, MD
Carol L. Paul
Josephine Phatoli
Harlan A. Pinto, MD
Russell K. Portenoy, MD
Zia U. Rahman, MD
Kimberly Ripley
Linda B. Robertson
Gloria I. Robinson
Deborah Rohoman
Richard J. Rosenbluth, MD
Miriam P. Rosin
Anita Rush-Taylor
Lizette Schoeman
Kimberly Shriver
Elin R. Sigurdson, MD, PhD
Roland T. Skeel, MD
Harvey Skinner
John J. Spinelli
Harry Staffileno, MD
Lisa A. Stucky-Marshall
Mary Ann C. Sullivan
Mary L. Thomas
William J. Threlfall
Carmen Vermont, MD
Christina M. Walsh, MD
Donald B. Wender, MD
Lari B. Wenzel
Margaret M. Whalen
Peggy S. Wisher
Luz M. Zimmermann

Aging Subcommittee

Corey J. Langer, MD, Chair
Francis J. Cummings, MD
Martine Extermann, MD
Gloria I. Robinson, PhD

Core/Steering Subcommittee

Lynne I. Wagner, PhD, Chair
Charles Cleeland, PhD
Paul F. Engstrom, MD
Steven Gortmaker
Stuart R. Guenther
Russell K. Portenoy, MD
Roland T. Skeel, MD
Harry Staffileno, MD

Underserved Populations Subcommittee

Edith P. Mitchell, MD, Chair
Luis Baez-Diaz, MD
Otis W. Brawley, MD
Linda Burhansstipanov
David Cella, PhD
Charles Cleeland, PhD
Patricia Dugan
Michele Y. Halyard, MD
Lesbia Hernandez
Denise L. Johnson-Miller, MD
Michael S. Katz
Jerome C. Landry, MD
Alfred C. Marcus, PhD
Harlan A. Pinto, MD
Gloria I. Robinson
Watch Dr Fisch's ABC News highlight of Cancer Patients' Pain Remains Undertreated by clicking here

1st SOAPP Article Published
Click here to access first E2Z02 (SOAPP) article published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology: Fisch MJ, Lee JW, Weiss M, et al. Prospective, observational study of pain and analgesic prescribing in medical oncology outpatients with breast, colorectal, lung, or prostate cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2012 Apr 16;[Epub ahead of print].

ASCO 2012
Six SOAPP abstracts were accepted at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2012:

Cancer Type Abstract No. Lead Author
Health Services Research Poster 6076 F. Zhao
Health Services Research Poster 6080 C. Ritchie
Patient and Survivor Care Clin Sci Symp 9016 J. Manola
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9099 X. S. Wang
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9106 T. R. Mendoza
Patient and Survivor Care Poster 9112 M. J. Fisch

Please click on the Publications tab to view these abstracts, or click here for more information on the 2012 ASCO meeting and accepted abstracts.

MASCC 2012
Three abstracts were accepted for the MASCC (Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer) meeting in New York City on June 27-29. One abstract is on determinants of driving (Victor Chang), another on concordance related to comorbidity (Elizabeth Kvale), and a third on pain change according to baseline severity (Fengmin Zhao).
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